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Find out what BIMA does for Muslim healthcare professionals in the UK

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Join our family of healthcare professionals across the UK. Start networking, attending events, and delivering services that will develop your deen, career and community.

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Professional Development

BIMA events give you the advice and support you need to progress in your career and showcase your work.

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Social Events

Join us at our regular events where Muslim healthcare professionals across regions and specialities come together to network and enjoy the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire Muslim healthcare professionals to unite in service of our patients and profession

Our Aims

To promote better understanding and appreciation of principles and values of Islam amongst all health care professionals

To protect and promote the health of patients and the public by adhering to fundamentals of Islamic ethics and good medical practice

To encourage professional and social interaction among Muslim health care professionals and with wider medical community in the UK

To promote research and education in the field of medicine, Islamic medical history and Islamic medical ethics

To engage our professional skills in charitable activities locally and globally to help the needy irrespective of colour, creed or faith.

To advise & support Muslim health care professionals and students in career development, orientation and other work related issues



1 day ago
You are waiting for your train. Someone collapses at the end of the platform. Everyone is panicking. What do YOU do?
Be a Lifesaver 💪
Join us on Sat 29th Sep to find out how.
Check https://t.co/R21tCOxdMS for your nearest location. https://t.co/dtQY8htr5l
BritishIMA photo
2 days ago
A B C - it's that simple! Walk out of your local mosque as a Lifesaver ❤️ on Saturday 29th September. #BIMAlifesavers #CPR #savealife https://t.co/DbijLf3oSZ BritishIMA photo
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