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Lifesavers is a unique project which aims to unite healthcare professionals, to inspire one another & serve their local communities, through teaching essential life-saving skills in Mosques around the World!

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About Lifesavers

Through the power of unity on a single day of action, every year, thousands of members of the public are taught Basic Life Support skills in Mosques around the UK & internationally.

Ø History

Lifesavers started in 2014 as the ‘BLS Mosque Project’, teaching life-saving skills in three Mosques in London. By the Mercy of Allah, the project has expanded each consecutive year. Alhamdulillah, through the immense efforts of the team, in 2019, over 840 volunteers came together to teach BLS to over 4000 members of the public in 114 Mosques nationwide.

In 2020, the team was able to deliver the first-ever virtual national BLS teaching programme.

Ø The Programme

The BIMA Lifesavers programme follows the BHF Heartstart programme teaching:

  1. CPR,
  2. Recovery Position,
  3. Management of choking.

Each of these skills are taught in a three-step method:

  1. A thorough explanation of the theory at the beginning,
  2. A practical demonstration,
  3. A chance for participants to practice and perfect their technique.


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Why Lifesavers?

The incidence of cardiac arrests is increasing year on year. Despite CPR & other lifesaving skills being universal across healthcare professionals & students, sadly our communities are suffering. By teaching life-saving skills to members of the public year on year, we equip our communities to unite, inspire & save lives. We utilise the mosques as the centre of our Ummah, opening the doors to Muslims & non-Muslims every year.

From what started off as an idea to now in its 8th year, we would not be able to deliver this project without the unity, determination & efforts of our National Teams & Regional Teams alike!

The strength of Lifesavers comes from the Regional Teams who work at the grassroot levels - supporting healthcare professionals to deliver Lifesavers in a Mosque of their choice & volunteers who provide the essential on-the-day teaching.

Please email [email protected] if you would like to participate in the national or regional team!

Recruitment for our Community/Mosque Leads & Volunteers will open at the end of May.

If you are a Mosque interested in bringing Lifesavers to your community- email [email protected].

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