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These are the list BIMA has played an active role in the National Community Response Group (CRG),  please note that this is a summary of the work involving many organisations and individuals. Given how many activities were undertaken during the pandemic it is possible that many things have been missed out from this list.

  1. Bringing together informal network of Muslim organisations an individuals to tackle the COVID-19 emergency for Muslims in UK.
  2. Working together with Muslim Council of Scotland (MCS) and Muslim Council of Wales (MCW) to tailor advice and guidance to their areas respectively. 
  3. Working with BIMA to advocate closure of mosques 1 week before Government mandated this – the importance of this cannot be overstated. This took dozens of meetings and hundreds of conversations with many different people from scholars and Imams to microbiologists and community leaders to build a consensus that this action needed to be taken and taken quickly. 
  4. Key points infographic for UK Muslim community about Coronavirus.
  5. COVID-19 toolkit for Muslim community covering communication plans, avoiding hoarding, volunteering and tips during self-isolation.
  6. Weekly webinars bringing together experts from across the Muslim community to educate, inform and direct COVID response.
  7. Setting up, delivering and promoting the RamadanAtHome campaign.
  8. Putting out Ramadan Factsheet with summary of key points for medical and general public.
  9. Ramadan Under Lockdown advice to Muslim community – National, Scotland, Wales.
  10. Survey of mosque committees, scholars and community leaders about their thoughts on mosque reopening.
  11. Regional webinars run in each region by MCB (in Scotland by MCS/ in Wales by MCW) as a listening exercise to gather experiences, ideas, concerns and expectations from mosques directly from the ground.
  12. Gathering expert lawyers, health and safety specialists and others to vet all advice on mosque reopening + help answer queries from mosques.
  13. Creating 9 step guide on how to reopen mosques.
  14. Creating summary 9 step guide on how to reopen mosques + translating into multiple languages.
  15. Organising training programme with 2 webinars aimed at the COVID safety officers and volunteers on mosque reopening.
  16. Organising public awareness with 2 webinars aimed at general community on mosque reopening.
  17. Collating the best Risk Assessments available and sharing them on the MCB website + having them reviewed by Health and safety experts.
  18. Speaking on online meeting for Princes Trusts regarding impact of COVID on BAME community.
  19. Every time a government guideline or update comes out – the MCB produces a a summary of what this means for the Muslim community.
  20. Capturing 100+ local Muslim community initiatives and volunteering activities for COVID-19 – from delivering food packs to front line workers to provide shopping to elderly neighbours.
  21. BIMA and MCB advising the Abdullah Quilliam Mosque on their PPE initiative to provide PPE at bulk price to mosques across the country.
  22. Advising Salahspace app team on GDPR requirements and registering with ICO.
  23. Hajj webinars organised by CBHUK x 3 answering questions by the community about Hajj cancellation.
  24. Presenting on Al-Balagh webinar on COVID-19 and reopening mosques.

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